Zac Smith

Habits of three top bodybuilders that you may just want to copy

From Zac Smith

“A while ago I started completing a drop set on my last set of almost every single exercise that I do. It’s a habit that I fell into and haven’t ever really come out of! It pushes me further both mentally and physically; it helps to drive me to my absolute limits.”

From Jeff Seid

“Whenever I’m dieting for a competition/event I get VERY strict about my macro intake. I measure everything I eat and track all protein, fats, carbs and calories. Being precise with my dieting has allowed me to reach the pinnacle competition of the bodybuilding world three times, the Mr Olympia.”

Jeff Seid

From Simeon Panda

“I train seven days a week, which many would of course think is crazy! But I have done this pretty much for the whole 16 years I have been training. I just love working out and a session a day is as compulsory as brushing my teeth. Although I train seven days a week – of which six I’m killing it concentrating on single muscle groups – on the seventh day I’m just in the gym because I want to be. I’m hitting things that maybe need some work. It’s a relaxed day – I’ll just train abs and calves or something.”

Simeon Panda

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